Introducing my newest cases for my Holeyboard Pedalboards, the Bomber Case 3.0! They are better in every way, easier to carry, bulletproof build, lifetime warranty, made in the USA and heavy padding. Three sizes to fit all your Holeyboard Pedalboard and gear needs. Enjoy!


This is my new effects pedal, yes, effects pedal! It’s the Gigawatt and it is an overdrive plus a delay. It has some special features like my new patent pending Experimenter Knobs that save your favorite settings easily so you can try out new sounds and be creative then come right back to your favorite, easily. They are analog, easy to use, durable and better. Enjoy!


Introducing the Holeyboard Dragonfly 3.0 and the Holeyboard New Standard pedalboards. This is my pro line and now you can start with The New Standard and switch upgrade it to Dragonfly 3.0 easily.


The Holeyboard ZigZag is here! Zig and Zag can do a lot of things, check out how a truly modular effects pedalboard system can make your life easier, and more fun!


Setup tips from the Holeyboard Pedalboard guy. This is me talking about how to get the most out of your Holeyboard Pedalboard, zip ties, cleverness, and good ideas for you.


About Chemistry Design Werks, The hardest working company in the guitar effects pedalboard business. I made this for you so you can see that I’m a real guy, making stuff, mostly guitar effects pedalboards. If you want to know where your Holeyboard is coming from, check this out.

This is a nice overview of the original Evo Series, since updated to Dragonfly 3.0 and the New Standard but Andy rules all planets and it’s a very very nice demo to show setup options. Worth watching.