Had it put together without the use of any tools other than my hands within 30 minutes on my lunch hour. Easy!
— Dave J.
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“Thanks for a super cool product! Love the look and the ease of setup
with this board.  I was able to show it off this past weekend at a local
jam session. Thanks again!“ - Jay

“Man do I LOVE this thing. Everything is neat and totally secure! 
I will definitely recommendthe Holeyboard to every guitar friend I have. 
Thanks for such a great product!! Keep thinking differently.”  - George L

“The Dragonfly is working great, easy to take anywhere.
And btw, the soft case is great. Rigid!”      - Joakim B

“Thanks so much for taking care of me. Got the board in today
and it was perfect. I've got it set up. Thanks again!”  - Adam W

“Hey man, just wanted to say I'm really loving the Dragonfly! Two thumbs up!”
 - Jeremy W

“Best board in the business!” - Paul K

“Hey Chris, just wanted to let ya know I received the Holeyboard
about an hour ago and assembled it. Job well done man! 
This board is bitchin!  - Phil

“I wired up my Holeyboard and took it out for a test drive this weekend and
it is, as promised, a fantastic invention. Using zip ties make it so easy
to put together and reconfigure. And it is rock solid. I love it.”  - Warren P

“Great product. Well designed. Easy to assemble. Love the two layers
for stacking my pedals and the curved shape that's
easy to work with.”   - Anders J

“It’s like the iPhone of pedalboards, beautiful and it just works, well!” -Tom J

“Best pedalboard I have ever owned.” - Jason W

“Great, innovative design! Fast shipping.” - Mark R

“Had it put together without the use of any tools other than my hands
within 30 minutes on my lunch hour. It’s an awesome board. - Dave J

Chris, thank you for this fabulous board! The marriage of form, function, 
and minimialist design is truly inspiring.”     - Greg P

“I’m loving’ this thing! Light and tight!”  - Johan S