What I believe in:

I believe in the underdog and in small miracles. I think we all deserve second chances because sometimes it takes some practice to get things right. I believe in giving the benefit of the doubt and erring on the optimistic side when questions arise. I think that trust and respect must be earned and that they are the foundation of great friendships.

The truth sets us all free, even when it’s a harder road to take, honesty is best. I like quotes, they are like mini poems with deep meaning. One of my favorite quotes is, “you reap what you sow”, I believe that completely. I like jam rock, there is no shame in a 20 minute excursion with lots of solos. And mostly, I believe in people, that they are good and that together we can make the world better.

I am thankful for my friends and wish you the best rocking out with yours.

                       Chris Trifilio -Chief Inventor/Owner

How Chemistry Design Werks happened:

It began right before Christmas, 2007.  I was supposed to be done traveling for the month and home with my kids.  Instead I was in Philadelphia – actually being IN Philadelphia would have been fine – I was stuck in the last row of a regional turboprop.  Delayed.  Re-routed.  Grounded.  Parked at the end of the runway farthest from the living, in a blizzard, with the power shut down. When the toilet overflowed I thought: “there must be a better way to make a living.”

I got home, quit my corporate job and went into the garage and created Chemistry Design Werks. I want it to be a good company, the kind that would exist in a world that I want to live in: to be local, give back to the community, be a great place to work, and to do what’s right. Better.

We are inventors at heart, mad scientists who find something valuable to work on and focus on it until we can bring it to life. We talk to real musicians (and we are real musicians), find problems, create better solutions and build prototypes and test them at gigs and refine. Everything we do puts quality, function and made in the USA first.

About Shipping

Our sincerest thanks for putting your faith in the Holeyboards and for taking a leap toward something that is different and better.

Chemistry Design Werks began as just me, one guy with an idea, a dream, and the dedication to make it real. My sweat and soul have gone into creating these boards and I hope you enjoy them as much as I do. I am pleased to say that I've roped Tanner (fabrication master) and Megan (shipping and receiving)  in recently to help you get your Holeyboards faster,  and to keep innovation moving forward. I am very excited about this adventure. I'm also hiring an intern to do things like make coffee and wash my truck and to do the jobs nobody wants to do but are very important. Thank you interns of the world.

We pack everything up and ship it from us to you in our little shop. Sometimes we get a couple of days behind, we are doing our best, your patience is so appreciated. So please take comfort, we will receive your order and will start working on it soon. Feel free to email  anytime to check in, chris@chemistrydesignwerks.com

You have a lifetime warranty on your Holeyboards, any problems, ever, just drop us a line.

Have an awesome day. -Chris & the Crew

Founder: Chris Trifilio

Location: Minneapolis, MN

Job: Chief Inventor/Owner

Likes: Analog, Good Music, Quality, Made in the USA, Nice People, Good Coffee and Converstation

My Band: Romeo Delta, we just cut an EP in the studio called Glimpse. Give it a listen here:


I love playing guitar and I love making music with the band.   I hope you enjoy our products, please tell your friends.