Check here first as we may have used the force to predict your question ahead of time. 

1) What cases does Dragonly fly fit in? What about when it is fully extended at 37"?

Great question, it’s been the toughest part of Dragonfly, the case. I designed The Holeyboard New Standard and Dragonfly 3.0 to be modular. Start with The New Standard, need more space? Buy the Slider and turn it into Dragonfly. I wanted to give you the option to adapt, to grow, to shrink, to live a little.

So, for cases I make four sizes of padded soft cases, which I think are the bee’s knees. The Bomber Case 3.0 with the Bomber Cushion is where it’s at. Durable as all get out, lifetime warranty (yes on a soft case) and major cushioning and easy to carry. They come in 20” (perfect for ZigZag as a Combo), 26” (perfect for the New Standard), 32” (Perfect for most people who use Dragonfly, it is usually set up at 32” which is the same width as my original Holeyboard WIDE), and last I make the Dragon Bomber that is 37” wide with will hold Dragonfly in all of it’s permutations.

My hard cases, the G.A.C. I have in 26” to fit the New Standard, and in 32” which again fits Dragonfly in the most common size.

2) Do you ship internationally?

 Absolutely! Email me at chris@chemistrydesignwerks.com for a shipping quote.


3) Is there a dealer in my area?

Probably not yet but maybe soon. I am working on it. Dealers please drop me a line if you are interested. 


4) Other pedalboard companies throw in the case almost for free? What's up with that?

Yes, but the quality is extremely low. Made overseas, cheap materials, zippers that break, fabric tears. The disposable economy. I design my cases to be bulletproof, and waterproof, not water resistant. They are made here in the twin cities by hand, one at a time. The case will last as long as your Holeyboard and will keep your pedals safe and happy.


5) What is the cost of keeping jobs in the United States and buying something quality made that will last a lifetime?

The cost of choosing is free and that's up to you. The cost out of your wallet is about $59, I've done the math. The Evolution Series Holeyboards are the best I've ever made. Costs are higher than the classic and wood M3 Series, yes, but the lighter weight, increased strength and overall consistent quality are worth it in my opinion. For me to outsource this to China to keep costs down would save you the consumer about $59. That's not even enough to buy half of a decent OD pedal. For the crazy money we spend on pedals, I think buying one Holeyboard made with passion in the twin cities is worth it. Give it a whirl.

At the end of the day does it matter? Well, it matters to me. 


6) I have a cool idea, can you make a custom Holeyboard for me?

I am always open to cool ideas, please let me know. I don't do one-off custom jobs usually, there are exceptions. It doesn't work out well cost-wise for me and for you. That said the Holeyboards are designed to be customizable to you so if I've missed something that you need, perhaps it's a problem we will work on and develop. How's that for a very noncommittal answer? At the end of the day it never hurts to ask.


7) Can you do expedited shipping so I can get that baby in my hands faster?

It causes me great stress, then you are stressed because you paid good money and are waiting.... I need less stress in life, I'm looking forward to watching the grass grow someday while sipping coffee in the sunshine. Right now I’ve got five kids, and it's crazy busy. So, I do my best to get the Holeyboards out in one or two days, that's pretty great in my opinion. Thus, I do not expedite.