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Holeyboard AmpTop

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Holeyboard AmpTop Description

Our magic, and unsung little hero. The AmpTop is so versatile, it fits up to five pedals and a power supply can zip to the bottom. It was designed to be able to sit literally on top of your amp so it’s easier to experiment with your knobs and it gets it off the floor and out of the way. It also works great on the floor. For when you are feeling like cutting back a little and just taking the essentials, the AmpTop is where it’s at.

I love this Holeyboard, I have two that I use to experiment with pedals that I want to get to know better so I don't want too many things clouding the sound up. Fantastic for keeping your practice space at home nice and neat.

We now have both a Mini-Bomber (soft) case and a Mini-G.A.C. (hard) case that fits this guy. Elegant and easy to travel with, we use it a lot.


Why Holeyboards? A better solution to play your effects pedals.

Holeyboard pedalboards aren’t vanilla, they look different and they are different. The instant you use a Holeyboard, you will know that it feels different. It brings your pedals to life with an intuitive ease that puts you at one with your music. Easy to use, easy to play. Made in Minneapolis with a lifetime warranty they are built for the working musician.

The Evolution of Holeyboard design and technology

The Aluminum Series is the culmination of 10 years of R&D, sweat, heart and soul. These are the best pedalboards that we make with the latest advances in Holeyboard design and technology.  The result is a superior Holeyboard with optimized performance and is built to last.


What’s new

  • All aluminum 6061 and 5052 Series Aluminum. It has extraordinary structural strength, rigidity, and durability. It is sustainably produced in the USA, has excellent finishing characteristics and it is light weight at just 0.125” thin.
  • Simplified and re-engineered hardware and assembly so it is easier than ever to build and reconfigure with only a screwdriver.  All hardware upgraded to stainless steel.
  • Fits more pedals. There is new geometry with 10% more surface area than the M3 Series and an optimized hole pattern for easier mounting and positioning of your pedals and power supplies,
  • Optimized hole pattern, refined to fit more pedals, easier and faster.
  • Easier to grip. More robust, larger integrated handles with rubber grips.
  • Moveable Top Shelf now on the Standard as well as the WIDE. Southpaw friendly.


Holeyboard Design Features, Innovative thinking pushed further

  • Adjustable to 10 different sizes and configurations.
  • No messy hook and loop fasteners or adhesives, designed to use cable ties that are quick and tight. 
  • Easy to hit the pedals in the back row with 2 levels. The moveable, angled, Top Deck eliminates toe dancing. 
  • Patented ergonomic curve: mimics the arc of your foot, for easy and intuitive pedal switching. Fast.
  • 3 Integrated handles for easy load-in and load-out.
  • Accommodates virtually all power supplies. They mount easily under the Top Deck with no additional parts to buy.
  • Screwed on real rubber feet, keeps your Holeyboard from sliding and your pedals safe from what’s ever on the stage floor.
  • A Light Eco Footprint: Sustainable thinking is at the heart of the Holeyboard, pure in form, pure in function and pure in materials and construction.
  • Proudly celebrating American design and engineering excellence, the Holeyboard Evolution Series is built with precision in Minneapolis.



  • Accommodates approximately 5 pedals
  • 5052 Series Aircraft Grade Aluminum Top Deck.
  • 6061 Series Gen II HoleyRisers
  • Anodized and vibratory tumbled finish
  • Stainless steel hardware
  • Custom molded rubber handle grips
  • Zip ties included
  • Fits Bomber Case (soft) - Mini-Bomber
  • Fits G.A.C. Case (hard) - Mini- G.A.C.
  • Dimensions: 20" x 7" x 3.5"
  • Weight: 1.1 lbs
  • Built with pride and precision in Minneapolis, MN USA
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Ships flat, easily assembled.
  • Power supplies sold separately. Pedals not included.


About Chemistry Design Works

Dangerously Obsessed…with pedalboards

The crew at Chemistry Design Werks has been dangerously obsessed with pedalboards since 2004. They believe in underdogs and small miracles. Inventors at heart, they are mad scientists who find something valuable to work on and focus on it until they can bring it to life. Everything they do puts quality, function and American design, engineering and manufacturing excellence first. Solve problems, make the world a better place. Built to be played.