New! Dragon Bomber Case

New! Dragon Bomber Case

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Bomber XL - NEW!

After a lot of requests and hard work, I give you the Bomber XL. Better in every way when you need a little more padding. This fits the Holeyboard Dragonfly in ALL size positions, even fully extended to 37". It also fits the Holeyboard WIDE easily, leaving you a little extra room for cables etc. Heavily padded, easier to load with a nice zipper on top and a carry strap and carry handles. As always, lifetime warranty! Made here in Minneapolis USA by hand, one at a time.

My goal was to carry gear in one trip: guitar in one hand, amp in the other and the Bomber Case on your shoulder. A lot of thought went into the Bomber Case, it had to be extremely durable and abrasion resistant, so the outside material is made of ballistic nylon, the same material used in bulletproof vests. It also had to protect your boards from the elements, so the inside is waterproof yellow boating-grade vinyl. Why yellow? So you can see things in the bottom of it in low light -- details matter.

I wanted a design that we could get the board in and out of quickly and that would accommodate cords, straps, strings or whatever else we might need to throw in there. The Bomber Case is inspired by bulletproof messenger bags, it's easy load and unload quickly, it's extremely durable, and comfortable to carry.