New! Bomber Case 3.0

New! Bomber Case 3.0

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Introducing my new Holeyboard Bomber Case 3.0, better in every way.

Built to last, right here in the Twin Cities

My goal was to carry gear in one trip: guitar in one hand, amp in the other and the Bomber Case on your shoulder. A lot of thought went into the Bomber Case, it had to be extremely durable and abrasion resistant, so the outside material is made of ballistic nylon, the same material used in bulletproof vests. It also had to protect your boards from the elements, so the inside is waterproof yellow boating-grade vinyl. Why yellow? So you can see things in the bottom of it in low light -- details matter.

I wanted a design that we could get the board in and out of quickly and that would accommodate cords, straps, strings or whatever else we might need to throw in there. The Bomber Case is inspired by bulletproof messenger bags, it's easy load and unload quickly, it's extremely durable, and comfortable to carry. With a lifetime warranty, sewn right here in Minneapolis.

Recent Upgrades:

After gigging with my original Bomber Case for the past 6 years and hearing feedback from you, I’ve made a lot of upgrades.

  • Easier to load, with more padding. I put more padding between the ballistic nylon and the waterproof vinyl. This allows the Bomber 3.0 to stand open easier on its own, no floppiness.

  • Crazy Bomber Cushion: After thinking about this for years, I solved two big problems. A lot of you wanted even more padding to protect your Holeyboards. The second problem was that sometimes knobs move during transit. So, I created a custom cushion, that you slide in on top of your Holeyboard. It keeps your knobs from moving and adds a very very very thick amount of padding on top of your pedals. It’s awesome. Note, you can add this feature or not in the dropdown menu above.

  • Redesigned geometry. The Bomber 3.0 looks different, I eliminated the floppy flap, now it sits open easily, you load in your Holeyboard and I have three nice snaps you can quickly reach.

  • New Straps. The new straps use seatbelt webbing, super strong yet soft to carry. I now have two straps that wrap under the case. This centers the weight so your Holeyboard sits perfectly vertical when carrying to keep it from moving. The straps have handles you can grab, or you can put them easily over your shoulder.

  • As with all of my Holeyboards the Bomber Case 3.0 is hand crafted in the USA and has a lifetime warranty.

What cases does Dragonly fly fit in? What about when it is fully extended at 37"?

Great question, it’s been the toughest part of Dragonfly, the case. I designed The Holeyboard New Standard and Dragonfly 3.0 to be modular. Start with The New Standard, need more space? Buy the Slider and turn it into Dragonfly. I wanted to give you the option to adapt, to grow, to shrink, to live a little.

So, for cases I make four sizes of padded soft cases, which I think are the bee’s knees. The Bomber Case 3.0 with the Bomber Cushion is where it’s at. Durable as all get out, lifetime warranty (yes on a soft case) and major cushioning and easy to carry. They come in 20” (perfect for ZigZag as a Combo), 26” (perfect for the New Standard), 32” (Perfect for most people who use Dragonfly, it is usually set up at 32” which is the same width as my original Holeyboard WIDE), and last I make the Dragon Bomber that is 37” wide with will hold Dragonfly in all of it’s permutations.

Bomber Case 3.0 Dimensions

  • 20”w x 19”h x 9” deep - Fits ZigZag Combo very well

  • 26”w x 19”h x 9” deep - Fits Std. or ZigZag with room

  • 32”w x 19”h x 9” deep - Fits WIDE or any other Holeyboards well with room for gear

  • 37”w x 19”h x 9” deep - Fits Dragonfly fully extended