The Holeyboard I'm playing this week #2

Hello seekers of great tone. I bring to you the second in a series of the Holeyboard I'm playing this week. I have a gig tonight at the Acadia Pub in Minneapolis, small-is intimate space, not the arena rock outdoor gig of last Saturday. So, I'm going with my New Std Holeyboard (being released in about three weeks). Against conventional wisdom you can see that I'm starting with the Catalinbread Belle Epoch first in the chain, it simply sounds good and in the old days an Echoplex or the like would be put before the amp. Also slightly out of my usual order is my EP Booster, after my limited edition Full-Drive 3. Usually I would put it before the drive to add "more" when I want more but I'm just leaving the EP on all of the time and putting the Full-Drive 3 before sounds fantastic. I don't use the boost on the Full-Drive 3, if you are wondering, I don't know why, just isn't my thing. 

From there we go to my trusty tuner and up to the Maxon AD999, a killer analog delay that I've had for a while, it's huge but sounds huge. then into my Fulltone ABY splitter. Even though I'm only playing one amp tonight, I seem to like whatever the buffer section of the splitter does, it makes everything even quieter and sounds great, so I leave it there. Everything powered by the Walrus Audio Phoenix, the big guy.

All of this into my little Clark Beaufort, in a not so beautiful drab green telex. It's a little 5E3 circuit that sounds amazing with a Scumback Scumnico 12" speaker inside with fancy tubes. Perfect for the venue tonight. Enjoy, rock on and have a great day!