The Holeyboard Pedalboard I'm playing this week #1

Hello, as I'm certifiably nuts about pedals and changing things up before every gig (mostly to irritate my bass player...) I thought it would be fun to have a series of different setups with the Holeyboard Pedalboards since they are easy to reconfigure. 

So, this week we are playing a gig Saturday outside for a motorcycle cruise fundraiser, should be awesome. Lot's of people and quick setup and takedown so I went with the Holeyboard Zig, just the main board, so it's nice and compact. I figure it's a straight up rocking kind of a show, not a whole lot of subtlety do to the outdoors and big crowd so I started with the prototype of my new OD pedal (releasing mid July!), I move onto my JHS Charlie Brown for a couple of tunes that have that cranked Marshall feel and into a tuner, then up to the Belle Epoch from Catalinbread (for a little bit of flavor now and then) out through a buffer into my trusty Carr Rambler. The whole shebang is powered by my Walrus Audio Aetos, strapped nicely on the back of my Holeyboard Zig pedalboard. On to the gig!

Christian Trifilio