The Holeyboard I'm playing this week #3


You know what’s better than one amp? Two tweed little guys in tandem. I give you my Victoria Chicagolux, a 12 watt repro of the famed ‘59 vibrolux and my ugly cabinet, but sweet sounding, Clark Beaufort. 18 watts of 6v6 goodness, a deluxe with a little bit more. The Fulltone splits the signal and it’s a lot like heaven. I start with my Fulldrive 3 ltd edition (signed on the back :) ) and go to my tuner, I keep messing with where to put the tuner, works well here, into the Supa-Trem and then Catalinbread twins, or siblings anyway, the Echorec and the Belle Epoch. I’m a big fan of tape delay in all its forms. Add a little reverb from Lotus Pedal Designs and the IceVerb and it’s magic. All set up on the Holeyboard New Standard. Fast and easy. I’m itching to set up the Big Zig, look for that next week! Enjoy and rock out.

Christian Trifilio