"From the Builder's Mind" Feature in the Tone Report Weekly!

Super awesome feature from the best guitar related effects magazine around. Thank you!

The inspiration for The Holeyboard Dragonfly 


I was helping my friend Cody build an airplane in his garage. Yep, the real deal: build it and fly to exotic destinations, live a life of adventure. A project like that is as much about dreams as making them real. He was working on a rudder pedal assembly and I picked it up and it was beautiful. Crafted out of formed and punched aluminum with a captivating red anodized finish, it was strong and super light. It hit me like a freight train, this is the next Holeyboard. 


It’s like song writing for me, sometimes you come up with the melody first, sometimes the lyrics. For product design sometimes it’s a material, sometimes it’s a mechanism. Always, there is a problem to be solved.


So, I started sketching and thinking about materials and it just wasn’t enough. 


“Always the beautiful answer who asks a more beautiful question” - ee cummings

“A perfection of means and a confusion of aims seems to be our biggest problem” - Albert Einstein

Two of my favorite design quotes, they make you use your brain. How can we open up the question to identify a juicier problem to solve?  And, are we solving the right problem?

What are musician’s struggling with? People ask me all of the time which Holeyboard is right for them. Being a dedicated guitarist in a fantastically unknown band and a pedal junkie, I can relate. We follow the muse, sometimes it’s a crazy combination of effects and sometimes it’s pairing down to the minimum. I realized that flexibility is a problem, we are not stagnant as guitarists, we grow and change, why shouldn’t our pedalboard do the same?

So, a worthy problem statement at last, the journey is often the best part: “Create a lighter, stronger pedalboard out of aircraft grade aluminum that can expand and contract depending on the mood and needs of the guitar player”. 

Two years later, after many hours of sketching, building and of course, playing guitar, Dragonfly was born, patents issued. Now on to Dragonfly 2.0….

Christian Trifilio