Hello, welcome to the hardest working pedalboard company. We exist to help you be more creative, and to help you get the sounds in your head, when you want them. Designed and built right here in Minneapolis. Ergonomically obsessed over to be easy to set up and easy to play, easy to change things up. Take a chance, and try something different.
— Chris Trifilio - Chief Designer/Owner

“I’ve been using a Holeyboard™ on stage with The Trouble With Monkeys for months,
and its “cable-tie” system for securing pedals is genius. I can switch out pedals
in two minutes and easily reconfigure the board.
— - Michael Molenda Editor-in-Chief, GUITAR PLAYER

Dangerously Obsessed…with pedalboards

At Chemistry Design Werks we have been dangerously obsessed with pedalboards since 2004. We believe in underdogs and small miracles. Inventors at heart, we are mad scientists who find something valuable to work on and focus on it until we can bring it to life. Everything we do puts quality, function and American design, engineering and manufacturing excellence first. Solve problems, make the world a better place. Build it to be played.