“I’ve been using a Holeyboard™ on stage with The Trouble With Monkeys for months,
and its “cable-tie” system for securing pedals is genius. I can switch out pedals
in two minutes and easily reconfigure the board.
— - Michael Molenda Editor-in-Chief, GUITAR PLAYER

We never stop making pedalboards easier to use

full of holes, for cable-ties! free yourself from hook&Loop and adhesives

Holeyboard Pedalboards use cable-ties to secure and protect your pedals, they are Strong, Tight, and Fast. They are a better solution to velcro and nasty adhesives that damage your pedals and don’t hold up. They make changing pedals easy so you can focus on being more creative.

reach the pedals in the back row, fast and easy.

We invented the Holeyboard Pedalboard Top Shelf, elevating and angling the pedals in the back row where they are easy to access. So no more accidentally hitting that tuning pedal right as you go into your solo.


The patented curved deck and hole pattern design matches the path of your foot for easier, more intuitive pedal switching.

Bulletproof build, ergonomics, and practicality are the names of the game with these multi-tiered pedalboards, including the aircraft grade aluminum model tested. A broad curve and gentle tilt follow the arc of leg motions, but the real kicker – pun intended – is the use of zip ties to fasten pedals of any size. No more sloppy Velcro! Also available in laminated Baltic birch.

we never stop creating what's next

Chemistry Design Werks has been innovating and pushing the boundaries of design and engineering since the release of our first Holeyboard in 2011. We never stop and are committed to making the easiest to use, highest precision pedalboards, built right here in the USA with a lifetime warranty.

Dangerously Obsessed

 We believe in underdogs and small miracles. Inventors at heart, we are mad scientists who find something valuable to work on and focus on it until we can bring it to life. Everything we do puts quality, function and American design, engineering and manufacturing excellence first. Solve problems, make the world a better place. 


Setup tips from the Holeyboard Pedalboard guy.